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Example Secondary Menu Page

Type your copy here.

You can style your copy using the buttons above. Simply highlight the piece of copy you want to style and click the appropriate button. This will insert 'tags' around your highlighted copy. Like this...

This copy is bold

Remember you need to style every paragraph so that the beginning and end of each paragraph has tags like this one.

For more information, use the help button.

Here's some examples of different styles:




Sub Heading

  • List
  • Another list
  • And another list


You can also add links to internal ages or documents you would like users to download. Do this by highlighting the word you would like to be a link and click on 'internal link' from the menu above. You then write the link in the appropriate place.

Like this: Click here to view our products

Or, like this: Click here to download our brochure

You upload files via the files admin page and this is where the system generates the link for that file.

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