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DAF Plants

ETP Dissolved Air Flotation Plants

Our Dissolved Air Flotation wastewater treatment plants are a robust efficient system for the removal of floating solids from effluent streams, engineered to the specific nature of the influent water. These plants will reduce the financial burden of trade effluent charges and maintain the compliance with environmental permits.

The DAF unit creates white-water by dissolving air under pressure within a stream of recycled treated effluent and then releasing it to form micro bubbles in a continuous operation. The micro bubbles attach themselves to the solids within the effluent stream and float to the surface. The influent will often require chemical conditioning using a coagulant and flocculant to help improve this process.

After rising to the surface the solids dewater and thicken before being removed by a mechanical scraper system. Any solids that sink are periodically removed by an automatic drain system. The final effluent is discharged to drain or for further treatment.

Rental DAF plants are available during refurbishment to ensure the continuation of treatment and no downtime in production.

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