Why ETP Services?

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It may seem like an obvious statement to make but effluent treatment plant and equipment cannot function effectively or efficiently without maintenance.

One of the requirements of an Environmental Permit is a planned maintenance program for pieces of plant and equipment that, if they were to break down, would cause an increased environmental impact. This not only refers to any waste generated. A poorly performing effluent treatment plant and associated equipment may require more power and not give you the results you need. This may mean increased Mogden charges. It may also mean you have to use more chemicals to achieve the same results. In the worst case scenario you could face a fine and bad press from being a polluter.

Normal entropic forces dictate that from the point of commissioning the performance of your effluent treatment plant and equipment will deteriorate. This can mean an inevitable Mogden drift in its ability to remove chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids and fats and oils and greases. This means you may have to pay more for your wastewater treatment and disposal.

Surprisingly many companies believe that by completing a weekend drain down and rinse they are maintaining their kit. Unfortunately this practice is not enough to keep your effluent treatment plant and equipment performing optimally.

The white water system in your DAF creates a lift blanket of micro bubbles which capture the solids in your wastewater stream. If your compression chamber and hoses get blocked then the white water system will produce bigger bubbles that cannot capture the fine particles and you may get carry over on the DAF.

So why do you need our help?

  • Usually as performance drifts, compressed air, energy and chemical use increases.
  • We can make sure you get better performance and lower running costs.
  • We can also help you to avoid unnecessary legal costs and bad publicity.
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